The Slavic Linguistics Society (SLS) supports the international community of scholars and students interested in the systematic and scholarly study of the Slavic languages. It aspires to be as open and inclusive as possible; no school, framework, approach, or theory is presupposed. As Roman Jakobson declared (paraphrasing Terence), Linguista sum; linguistici nihil a me alienum puto `I am a linguist; I consider nothing linguistic foreign to me’.


The SLS was born in December 2004 from a roundtable at the annual meeting of the American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages (AATSEEL). Prof. Steven Franks (Indiana University) organized the roundtable and subsequently served as the first Chair of the Slavic Linguistics Society’s Executive Board.

The SLS is governed by an Executive Board consisting of six members selected for three-year staggered terms. A list of current Board members is available here.


The organization’s bylaws are available here.



Since 2006 the SLS has organized an annual scholarly meeting, in coordination with host institutions. Meeting locations rotate between North America and  Europe. Past meetings:

  • SLS-1 (2006): Indiana University (Bloomington, IN, USA)
  • SLS-2 (2007): Zentrum für Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft, Typologie und Universalienforschung (Berlin, Germany)
  • SLS-3 (2008): Ohio State University (Columbus, OH, USA)
  • SLS-4 (2009): University of Zadar (Zadar, Croatia)
  • SLS-5 (2010): University of Chicago (Chicago, IL, USA)
  • SLS-6 (2011): Université de Provence (Aix-en-Provence, France)
  • SLS-7 (2012): University of Kansas (Lawrence, KS, USA)
  • SLS-8 (2013): Uniwersytet Szczeciński (Szczecin, Poland)
  • SLS-9 (2014): University of Washington (Seattle, WA, USA)
  • SLS-10 (2015): Universität Heidelberg (Germany)
  • SLS-11 (2016): University of Toronto (Canada)
  • SLS-12 (2017): Fran Ramovš Institute for the Slovene Language (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

The following meetings are planned:

  • SLS-13 (2018): University of Oregon (Eugene, OR, USA)
  • SLS-14 (2019): Universität Potsdam (Germany)


The SLS has adopted the Journal of Slavic Linguistics as its official journal. A subscription to the journal is included with an SLS membership.

Mailing List

Members are encouraged to join the SLS Google Group, by signing in with a Google account. Members are also encouraged to post any notices or queries on the SLS Facebook page.